Guys, I’ll be honest. I had not a clue in the world that there is something in the world called trance music. For me, the so called "trance" was just a woolly subject read somewhere in the hi-fi philosophical books. It was supposed to be attained after years of self-denial. Described as an overwhelming feeling of eternal bliss and peace, no wonder people find it so hard to achieve. Strangely enough, I have to admit, I did experience bliss and emptiness, albeit in a non-standard manner. During my college years, fruitless brain beating for answers during the exams (shudder)was inevitably followed by the meek acceptance of the inevitable doom. That’s when the mind would go blank, and I could feel nothing but emptiness inside. But just on the outer horizon there always was the fear of the impending disaster.So maybe it doesn't fully qualify as a state of trance, but he..he…..

Very recently I was introduced to the world of trance music, while attending a marriage that was by itself one of the most novel ones I have ever attended. My curiosity awoke and what followed was a far and wide search for good sources, to tap this new sweet.

But guys....I found it! Not trance music. But The Trance itself. The method of discovery may seem far fetched or childish, but I can tell u this. It worked for me.

So there I was, sitting in the shuttle bus waiting for it to move,and listening to some trance tracks to pass the time. I casually looked out of the window and voila! It was trance everywhere. Simply put, my mind was finding patterns in the way people were walking outside on the road and matching it to the music notes flowing into my head. It took no more than half a minute and every single person around me was walking to my tune. Some walked, some slumbered on and others ran. But the music didn't leave out anyone. Everyone had music in their moves, their feet, their hands, gaits. I was at peace. I had seen the truth. Out of such a random thing as a bunch of people walking, I had derived order. They were no longer random. There was harmony, bringing peace to all the agitation inside me.

The universe is no different. Out of disorder and chaos come order and harmony. We just have to pause to see. So are our lives.We each dance to the tune of life, not by stepping on others' toes, but in sync. In trance. In harmony. That is universal love.

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    India's no.1 blog said...

    There is so much depth in the last para you have truly experienced a lot :) Indeed entropy is a proven phenomenon its as much true about the universe as it is of people and relationships...very well written...hope to read more such insightful stuff from you. :) tk care.

    Ashu said...

    Thanks :). It was just a very personal expression...enjoy reading the blog :).

    pri said...

    you made me think trance is 'nirvana' and you are lucky to have attained it ;D

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    Muhammad Israr said...

    wow...i never heard of trance music :( thanks for detailing :) and loved the last it like 10 times ;)

    Ronni said...

    Hi, I found you on blogaholics. :)

    What a cool entry about how you were seeing the music in everyone. I listen to music all the time and I lose myself in the music and I'm not really aware of what's going on around me. Which is probably not the smartest way to be. But I've never thought to look at the rhythms of the world around me as I listened.

    I'm going to follow you. I think I'm going to enjoy getting to know you. :)

    Ronni -

    Ashu said...

    :D hey,thanks a lot....i hope u'll enjoy reading the other posts too

    Rajendra Raikwar said...

    I will surely come back For more.

    Learn Digital Marketing said...

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