India just celebrated its 64th year year of independence. But are we really independent? Is our country as democratic as it claims to be? Where people like Anna Hazare are locked up in jails only cause he raised his voice to protest against corruption. Where rape, murder, theft, corruption  is on the rise.Where society is a major threat to your freedom of expression, where people murder couples in the name of "honour killing" and the government looks on.

Delhi held the "slut walk" for the first time in India and yes, I feel it was necessary. Why blame women all the time? Why categorize them as "sluts"  for the clothes they wear? Is it reason enough to rape a woman just because she was candidly dressed? Or is it even justified to touch her inappropriately just because some man finds her seductive? Is it the fault of a woman to look good, to dress well, or dress seductively when the situation demands so? Blame it on those men too, who have no control over their sexual desires, who treat women as objects of lust, who marry only to mask their true nature. Our society is so male dominated that the act of a man standing and peeing by the side of the road is considered "utterly normal" whereas, people frown at a woman who has to breastfeed a hungry baby.

Could you define independence for me? I guess it would mean something different for every person. For me, freedom is the liberation of women. The day when we wont be looked down upon, the day when I can travel in a public bus without being groped for or stared at. The day when if I raise my voice  to protest, people won't frown on me and doubt my voice.

For me, freedom also means the freedom to express love. Look at the couple walking down the road hand in hand, look there, he's put his arm around her waist, look there, he just stole a kiss, look she's sitting with her head resting on his shoulders. Now, look around those couples and count. Count the number of people frowning, count the people taunting, count the number of people ogling, count the people ready to protest against such "inappropriate behaviour". Why? Is love a crime? Ironically we're born in the land of Kamasutra, a land which extensively boasts of love in its purest form even in the Vedas.

This is what freedom means to me. What are your views?

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    Muhammad Israr said... are right about that slut thing... they are forced to do this job to feed their bellies two times a day... why would they become like this if there were any decent jobs?

    Shasha said...

    O I think u dont know much about the "slut walk" wasn't just for sex workers, it was for every woman who wanted to protest against discrimination on the basis of their dressing sense

    Kirklops said...

    Freedom is to break societal norms and not be an engineer/doctor if you don't want to be. :)

    PS: I love what I do; I hope so, at least.

    Shasha said...

    O ya...thanks for the visit..I hope u'll keep reading :)

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