Yeah, that's pretty much the concept of a beautiful body nowadays. Ever heard anyone say " I wish you were healthier"-no, until n unless you're anorexic, no one would ask you so. O I agree that thin is usually healthy, but someone like me with puppy fat here and there wouldn't be considered so. And who knows you may jus land up being several sizes larger after marriage or maybe after you become a mom. So, when your bf jus says "shakira's hot", it does make you feel bad, coz ah, I'm not expecting my body to be like her's in the next 100 years. And then if you ask me to exercise, I literally don't have the time. Don't you dare call me lazy, I really don't have time.

I really wish I were born in the 70's or 60's  where the concept of a beautiful body ( at least in India) was curvy, healthy. At least I could peacefully have some bread toast every morning without worrying about the fact that "there's butter in it!!", yeah, so i go without the butter nowadays and stick to plain, good old bread. Okay, I'm perfect alright in "medical terms" but if you ask me to strip down to my undies even in front of girls, I'd run (you know, there's the puppy fat problem). O and how I wish to strut around proudly in a bikini someday, I was actually considering a tummy tuck later, but my bf said "no",he prefers me all natural. It's puzzling you know. Ah, jus don't call shakira hot (I already know that for a fact).
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    someone said...

    no wonder ur bf is a stupid person. He shud kno how strongly girls feel about their body. instead of appreciating wat he has, wats the need to go around wowin girls he wont get...i can understand ur mind. my gf is sensitive about her baby fat too :) but she knows how much i appreciate her. and i try not to say insensitive stuff like that. and come on shakira maybe hot, but i bet she is not as hot as the one i love. One is just a celeb. the other is someone u share everything can the first even compare with the second

    shashaoutloud said...

    o he's not stupid...i love him all the same, n i know he loves me too n that it was more of a general observation...but yeah i guess gals are sensitive regardin it..

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