I live in a place infested with insects, not because the place is dirty but it’s just like a characteristic feature of our area, loads and loads of insects. You are relieved only during the winters; all of them kind of vanish. Right now, during the summers and through the rainy season, you’ll always find them decorating the walls of your room. And sometimes these nasty little creatures do bite while at other times you’ll see a pretty little moth under your tube light and just hope that the lizards don’t have it for dinner. The insects come and go with every season just like the seasons of our life, people come, people go and there are people who stay with you. But no one stays forever, there’s often a season when they just leave you and you’re left searching for reasons.

Life gives you no respite. It’s constantly breathing down on you, sometimes with worries, sometimes with challenges, sometimes with hope, sometimes with love, sometimes with sweet surprises, sometimes with joy. Living is a challenge, living is a pleasure and life has its own flavours, its own seasons.

The day you were born, your first day in kindergarten, your first friend, your so-many firsts and your parents were always there to see you through all those moments. But never did you expect that someday one of them would be gone all too early in your life and they wouldn’t even give you a reason why. No matter how much you pray, He’ll never give you back the one you’ve lost.

I’ve seen friends grow apart in various stages of my life, I miss them all but I know we’ll never gel as well as we used to when we were kids and so I’ll choose the distance between us over a renewed friendship. The sad part is I still do not know why we grew apart.

Sometimes such distances are needed while at other times they hurt, especially when you’re physically miles apart from someone you love and crave to be with. When you know that that someone is waiting for you too and you just wait for the seasons to pass until you finally meet.

It’s funny how I wait for the winters so my room’s rid of all these tiny insects and lizards, I can’t wish the same the same for my life, I can’t let people vanish.
The moth under the light

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    its simply beautiful...i cant put it in any other words!!!

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