Back from our industrial visit. It was certainly a great experience and highly surprising to see all the theories we study in our commerce books being put to practical use. We went for a visit to a plywood factory and a cement factory. Both were highly educational but the cement factory was the most exciting. I mean I could never imagine so many processes are involved in the production of a block of strong concrete, wow! I wont go into details cause you need to really SEE this to feel what i feel at the moment.

But there's a thing which struck me as really odd in the cement factory. We entered the factory at about 4 p.m and left it at 5 p.m , I was expecting the factory would soon shut down for the day but was very surprised at the director's words,"its hard work. The factory is on 24/7. A lot of effort goes into the working of this factory. The labourers are our assets, they work for almost the entire day". ENTIRE DAY! This is totally inhuman. India is a poor country and so most of these labourers are highly poverty-stricken. As far as my knowledge of wage rate in India is concerned, it's a bare minimum, it's jus enough to have three meals a day and a shelter in some remote area. Moreover, its HEAVY work in a cement factory, it's totally unacceptable that a man work for more than 8 hours a day in such tough conditions. The companies try to keep labour cost at the minimum, and labourers already being poor, agree to work for often less than sufficient wages. Even if the wages are sufficient, it's physically very demanding to work 365 days a year in such heavy-duty areas. The government should certainly look into the matter. It's inhuman! Moreover its high time the companies stopped starving such labourers only to increase their profit.

The mixture or masala is poured into mouls and set using machines

The sleepers are unloaded after being cut into pieces

The sleepers
Notice the cranes, used to load and unload the sleepers for transport

The sleepers are soaked in water for 15 days in these troughs, its a dry one now

A set up testing and showing the use of sleepers
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