For people who are not quite familiar with the "Dashabhuja", she is our very own Hindu deity, Goddess Durga, armed with ten weapons in her ten hands and a third eye on her forehead, she's the one who rid the heavens of the rakshasas or the demons and restored peace. The supreme mother according to Hindu Mythology, she is considered to be the most powerful for she had been born when all the Gods and Goddesses put together their powers to rid the heavens of the Asuras.

And so is my mom, well, she certainly didn't have such an extraordinary birth but with her extreme abilities to multitask and do the household chores, I certainly imagine her with ten hands and flaming eyes, scanning her territory for unwanted intruders and unwanted germs and dirt, which render her home to something slightly less than spanking clean. Her ability to wake up at five in the morning and begin with her everyday chores, I feel is an incredible feat. I have never managed to wake up a single morning to the sound of the alarm, but her one roar of "wake up!!" is enough to strike all the chords in my body and put me in super alert mode.

I get to see my mom in super ninja mode from 8 to 10 in the morning every day. Just before she's rushing to office, she is heavily armed to fight all evilS of germs, dust and garbage and make her home clean. 
[Caution: Even humans are not spared during this time. 
Safety Measures: Please remain stationary at one point for the above mentioned two hours.]

You see like the Goddess Durga, my mom possesses a third eye as well. It is a very difficult feat to get past her “lie-detector” (don’t even try it, you will land up lying even more). Her third eye also detects the minutest of changes to her nest, she may just return from work and ask, “Why had you pulled the curtains?”. (:-O)

But all the ten weapons and third eye come very much in handy when it comes to warding off evil spirits- aka Roadside-Romeos- aka unwanted boys from her daughter. For example, a week back, a Roadside-Romeo (an old irritating classmate) started disturbing again, to which I resorted to my last and final weapon of defense, my mom, she just had to attend to his call once and whoosh! He vanished. J

So you see my mom is a woman of power, including her temper which often cracks down on me like a thunderbolt, she is a lady with ten hands, a third eye and an “unexposed, hidden” soft core, and I love her.

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