Ashu says : Guys fall for girls (in general) and vice versa…ever thought why? It’s a knotty question. Here is a guy, walking along the road with not a worry in the world and voila! He gets hit by a mountain… Guys know the feeling…:). From a personal point of view, I can put it this way, every cell in my body can sense the girl.
It’s not an exaggeration, ask the nearest guy. So what weird stuff is going on? Are we some programmed beings who are just triggered in an instant? Those white-coat-scientists say it’s all about the hormones and chemicals. Well if they are right, then we know god is damn good at chemistry (no pun intended). And the worst (or the best?) part is - every single girl crossing us is a walking remote, we are kind of pushed into checking her out.
And one fine day you just get hit, not by a train or a mountain, but by the entire universe, and the world just stops spinning for you. We don’t dare take another breather for fear of disturbing the scene… And man! are u finished… No more checking out after that…So what the hell happened? Did some bigger hormone kick out the smaller one ?Is there some chemical war going on inside us? How else do we explain why all the other girls suddenly lose their charm, you categorize them as plain now, or even ugly, they just stop existing, fading away, except one, around whom your universe revolves…[ And I’m loving it :-).]

Shasha says : Talk about boys waiting to be hit by a mountain, girls go searching for one, take a girl's word for it. The ever-dissatisfied girl has a long list of “wants” in the to-be-man of her life:
Good sense of humour
Not Secretive
Respectful towards ladies and on and on it goes...
She certainly does not “sense men”, but she prefers to check them out at a more personal level. Usually, strangers are a no-no to her. And the poor man whom she IS checking out, does not even realize it, that such a girl could ever have a crush on him and so, when he does propose to her with a 50% hope rate….BADABOOM! That’s when the mountain drops on him and the world stops spinning. He’s got more than he hoped for while for her , “ it was inevitable, it was bound to happen some day or the other.” So, as the two pair up, the “girls-list” aka the “scare-your-man” list is often a forgotten factor in the matters of her heart.

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