Top ten things I hate:

1.       House Lizards- Those creepily soft, rubber like, flip-floppy, icky reptiles…I just hate! I hate them even more when they just drop to the ground from the walls with a disgusting “smack!” eeeck!

2.       Ghee-ka-laddoo, Sweets, Candy’s and anything similar- I’m sooo not a chocolate girl…So, in case the man of my life’s reading this ..don’t come with chocolates, the flower’s are always welcome :-) .

3.       My Frizzy Hair- Isn't there any natural, herbal method to keep them under control…I’m scared of all those shampoos and sprays loaded with chemicals!!!

4.       Lady’s finger – Crunchy, tasteless, slimy

5.       An Empty Wallet- Well everyone hates this I guess ;-).

6.       “Please Can I share Your Hanky?”- Nooooooooo, I hate it…so, I always reply, “O, but my hanky’s dirty, just wiped my nose in it.”

7.       “Can I Use Your Lip Balm?”- No! This one’s for personal hygiene.. ewe, the thought of someone elses saliva on my lip-balm is yuck!

8.    Seeking The Perfect Parking Spot-  Specially when it’s a two wheeler you want to park and there’s no space.

9.       Distorted Views of Self – I know so many thieves, liars, idiots, etc…..who easily point a finger at you and point your flaws.

10.   Self Service at the Food Court- Yeah! I hate it…cause I’m…I just took a day off to eat someplace nice and it just spoils your whole mood when you go back and forth to retrieve all that you’ve ordered.

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