As life moves on there are so many things I miss, moments of life my heart craves for, moments  which are waiting to be re-lived and moments which may never come back in my life again. Life's a journey and so, I miss...

  • My childhood friends, so many seemed to have grown apart
  • My long hair, now it never seems to grow back that long
  • Annie, the prettiest, kindest, sweetest Labrador I ever knew
  • Bicycling (in need of a company)
  • Playing hide and seek, I seem to have grown too large to fit in all the hiding places I used to hide as a kid
  • Snuggling against mom, I'm a big baby now
  • Watching my mom put on lipstick (she's stopped using make-up now :( )
  • Strutting around in cute skirts (now it depends on the occasion, not a everyday phenomenon)
  • Running around, playing football and cricket as a kid, even though I could never manage a hit, it was still fun
  • I miss you dad, you went away too early
  • Miss holding dad's hand every time we went out somewhere
  • Driving (dad used to be my driving partner, now, there's none )
  • Sliding down a slide
  • School days
  • Waddling around in dirty rain water, sheer fun
  • Clear beautiful skin (pimples seem to pop up at all the wrong times )
  • Miss you love, miss all the moments we spent together (the best days of my life), waiting till we meet again
  • Miss a worry-free life.

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    Anonymous said...

    uhmmm this was is a good gift...let us remember to treasure it ...I enjoyed your blog this morning! I reach for the hand of my oldest son many times in the memory banks of my heart longer do I have the pleasure of holding his hand cept from within my heart as you do your dad's....thanks for your blog!

    Shasha said...

    thanks for readin n liking my posts...its always a pleasure to read ur reviews...

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Dear Shasha,

    You are right, days which are gone will never come back but we should cherish old memories and should learn to enjoy every day of our life. We should not a miss single moment of happiness....


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