To my “ishwara”,

I’m writing this letter to you today so I can tell you how much you mean to me. First of all, I’m sorry for the innumerable times I’ve hurt you and thank you for forgiving me each and every time. I know I’ve always been this silly, short tempered girl and had it not been for you I would have been lost. Remember, we met on Jan 3rd,???? (oops! forgot the year), I was in standard X, and ever since then, you’ve always been beside me, guiding me, loving me, helping me through all those tough times. Thank you for always being there with me.

I’m sorry I hurt you again this time, I couldn’t find any other solution to my problem (I know this isn’t an acceptable reason). I know you’ve forgiven me but I know it’s not that easy for  you this time. I try not to be stupid, but…………..Sorry! I hope you wont ever  leave me. My life would lose its meaning without you. I’ll try to be a better girl, a better woman but I need you to help me accomplish that. So, try to bear with me, cranky me.
Love you always,
Shashaoutloud ;-) <3

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